Key West Engagement Session

Featured Couple: Janelle and Jose 

Q: How did you both meet? 
A: We met through mutual friends. The sparks really started when we were vacationing in Paris. I guess the City of Love worked its magic on us. 

Q: How and where did he propose?
A: (Janelle) Jose proposed on the pier close to Mallory Square in Key West, FL. We were watching the sunset, I went to sit, and he proposed. However, I don't remember what he said or details. He had planned this beautiful sunset proposal on a catamaran, but that didn't happen. Anyways, it was beautiful and makes for a funny story! 

Jose – OK, so here are all the details she missed:  I had originally thought about proposing during Memorial Day weekend.  I had the ring, I wanted to take a weekend trip, you know, we’d go somewhere nice, maybe St. Augustine, the Keys, Naples… but those plans fell through when I had to come in to work that weekend to test system upgrades.  So now I have this ring and the love of my life, but I needed to figure out how to combine the two at a nice location, and still keep an element of surprise.  Thankfully she had thought of surprising me with a trip to Key West for my birthday… the perfect cover!  I mentioned to Janelle how I’d like to take one of those sunset catamaran tours while we were there.  It would be nice and romantic, and you could see the sunset without having to deal with the crowds in Mallory Square (GENIUS!!).  I made a reservation and waited until the day came.  I made sure when I was packing to put the ring in the pocket of the shorts I was going to be wearing that day to make sure she didn’t see the box by mistake.  We did one of those sightseeing tours of Key West that day; I spent all day making sure she didn’t sit on the side I had the ring box, fearing she’d feel it and ruin the surprise.  All day, from nine in the morning to five in the afternoon, I carried that ring, without her finding out.  So the time draws near that the boats start leaving the docks and we are there waiting, and waiting, and waiting.  Until we are the only ones left on the dock, so I call the charter company, and find out the company I had made the reservation with never bothered to confirm that the charter had a boat sailing out that day!  Now a little bit of panic sets in, I needed to think fast.  We rushed from the docks on one side of Mallory Square to the other, no luck, all the boat were either full or had already sailed out.  That little feeling of defeat wasn’t going to stop me, once again, we cut through the square back to the original docks we were at.  I say, “Let’s at least look for a nice spot we can still catch the sunset”.  I see a part of the pier that looks quiet and offers a nice view, I go to take a closer look… at the locked gate that bars our way.  I go back to Janelle and suggest the benches that look out to the ocean, we find one that has a mostly unobstructed view and we stand at the railing, looking out to the water and the sun slowly moving towards the horizon.  It’s a really nice moment, we’re just talking about how much fun we had that day, about how nice it would be to spend more time in the Keys.  I’m thinking why the sun is taking so long to set, it feels like it’s taking forever!  Why couldn’t it have set two minutes ago when I didn’t feel so nervous?  The sun finally reaches the water, the sky is full of pinks, oranges, purples, and blues, very picturesque.  Finally the moment is here, I turn to my about-to-become-my-fiancée, I look at her, and she says, “OK the sun set, I’m sitting down”.  In my head I’m having one of those Charlie Brown “UGH!” moments. 

ME: “you can still see a little bit of the sun, it hasn’t set completely yet”

JANELLE: “it’s fine, I can see it from here, I’m tired”

ME:  “you can see it better if you stand up”

JANELLE:  [silence]

OK, fine then, there is no rule anywhere that says she has to be standing when I get on one knee.  I turn around and face her. I lean over and give her a kiss as I reach down into my pocket, I can feel the bruise from having the corner of the ring box jabbing me all day, I start to fumble with the pocket, I can’t undo the stupid button on the pocket!  So I’m there, leaning over her in a half-way kneeling position, wondering at what point is she going to start thinking I might be trying to take off my shorts, but finally, before it got weird, I get the ring box out of my pocket.  I get on one knee, look into her eyes, and say, “Janelle, I love you.  Every moment I’ve been with you has been amazing; I want to spend every moment with you forever.  Will you marry me?”  Janelle at this point has a deer in the headlights look, she’s not really responding.  I’m holding the ring box open just above her lap, I smile and tell her “look down”.  I can tell she is almost scared to move, she is smiling, her eyes are starting to water just a little.  In a tiny, shaky, excited voice she says “no”, like she is scared to look down.  I raise my hand a little and say again “look down” This time she does, and wraps her arms around me and says “YES!”  I kiss her and she tells me to put the ring on her, she holds up her hand to look at the ring and has a smile from ear to ear.

Janelle and Jose, we are so excited for you both and can't wait for your wedding day! You both are PERFECT for each other. We are so looking forward to your fun and beautiful wedding next year! Love you both!