Carolyn & Kevin's Vizcaya Engagement

Featured Couple: Carolyn & Kevin

Q: How did you both meet?
A: We met at a charity event at work. We work for the same company and interact with each other on a daily basis! 

Q:  Where was your first date?
A: We went on a few casual “first dates” to get to know each other. Once we knew each other better and knew we wanted to continue to seeing each other, we went to a steak house on the beach. 

Q:  What type of music do you both listen to?
A: We listen to all types of music! We love pop, country, hip hop, jazz, classical music, you name it! 

Q:  Do you have any hobbies? Common interests?
We love to watch different movies together and try new restaurants. We like playing sports together too: bowling, tennis, golf, bicycling. 

Q:  How and where did he propose?
A: Kevin proposed to me at The Cheeca Lodge in Islamorada. We had been there about two years before for a company meeting and that is when we first decided to be a couple. He proposed to me in front of the ocean and I was completely surprised! 

Carolyn and Kevin, thank you for making Vizcaya extra beautiful on your engagement session! We are super excited for your wedding next year!