Miami Springs Country Club Wedding: Ilene & Javy

It wasn't any other Friday. It was her wedding day and that meant the start of a new beginning, a new adventure. Ilene and Javy tied the knot - literally - as they vowed to be together forever.  These two love the beach, surfing and having a good time with family and friends. Their day was reminiscent of exactly that! 


Ilene arrived to the Miami Springs Country Club in classic style. LOVED this car!


It never gets old. We love capturing that moment the groom sees his beautiful bride for the first time. Javy's expression says it all. 


The ceremony began with a special prayer led by Ilene's aunt. It was truly a very special moment for the couple and family.


We told you they literally tied the knot. Ilene and Javy tied a fisherman's knot as a symbol of their unity. Loved this! 


One of our favorite moments! That's Ilene's grandfather. 

Gorgeous wedding court!  


Ilene and Javy danced to Blue Mountain's "Baby, I love your way." :)


Thank you for asking us to document such an amazing day in your life. We know this is only the beginning of many more beautiful things to come! Much love to you both! 

It was great working with the following team of professionals:

Staff at Miami Springs Country Club

Marriage Officiant: Mercy Suarez

Hair/Makeup:  Vanessa Pineda

Cake Artist: Divine Delicacies

Florist: Lily Rodriguez/Flowers and Linens Emporium

Cinematography: MXI Studios

Our Amazing Assistant:  Saidy Cruz